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Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our Apparel & Fashion Consultancy Services may be found here.

We are a fashion-industry-specific consultancy firm. We provide established and start-up companies with a comprehensive variety of services, from design to manufacturing, giving our customers everything they need to confidently create and expand their fashion business. We take the uncertainty out of the beginning and expanding a fashion label by simplifying the process and offering the key building pieces for realizing your creative vision! Our primary services are divided into four categories: commercial, creative, technological, and operational elements of running a fashion business today.

We are not a branding firm, and we do not provide marketing or promotion services. Our primary goal is to provide clothing goods that are of excellent quality and value to our customers.

Certainly not. Our consumers come from all around the world. The benefits of technology, along with our vast knowledge, simplified procedures, and systems that we have spent years creating and modifying for optimal efficiency, allow us to operate quickly and successfully with many of our clients, whether they are situated locally or not.

We proficiently use new tech to provide you with a flawless and innovative experience, such as using modern telecommunication methods to organize regular quick meetings and specialized productivity/project management tools to easily share files, report on continuing project status, and itinerary team meetings.

We own a worldwide supplier relationship, however, our primary manufacturing regions are the United Kingdom and Europe. This enables us to operate freely and respond swiftly to market needs. This is subject to the technical specialization necessary for your product, as we may need to assign your manufacturing to any of our relevant foreign resources. When developing the sourcing strategy, this will be discussed and agreed upon with you.

Many manufacturers (particularly in the United Kingdom) operate as C.M.T. factories and do not provide a whole service that includes design, development, sourcing, and so on. Large clothing businesses maintain all of these activities in-house and rely on manufacturers to do what they do best: cut, create, and trim (CMT). However, Alair Fashion Consulting was created with a simple objective in mind: to make the process of manufacturing high-quality clothing as simple and accessible as possible.

Alair Fashion Consulting will handle this for you, collaborating and advocating on your account with the manufacturers while speaking fluently in their technically skilled production language. We make every effort to guarantee that you receive items with as few faults as possible, and we understand that quality control actually implies reliability. And if we make a mistake, we will simply fix it.

Everything requires a team of specialists to deliver your design concept to life and make it market-ready. A fashion designer, pattern cutter, product developer, garment technologist, and production manager are all required. A skilled fashion designer is neither a seasoned pattern cutter nor a techie. Bringing an attractive, high-quality product to market necessitates a diverse set of highly specialized talents and practical expertise. We do all of the work at Alair Fashion Consulting so you don’t have to.

Absolutely, Alair enjoys working with startup companies since we understand the problems they confront. We are ideally positioned to provide specialized services and resources to startups and developing brands alike, addressing the specific demands they have at various phases of growth. Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist your company.

Establishing a fashion brand may be a time-consuming pathway, with many practical factors involved in addition to the imaginative phases of drawings, mood boards, and color schemes. If you have little or no expertise, the pre-production and production procedures of pattern design and toile fit, finding materials, negotiating pricing and minimums, sizing and grading might be intimidating. Alair Fashion Consulting has the expertise to take your idea from conception to the final product.

When contacting us please can you provide us with the following information.

  • Type of Service/s Required
  • Number of Styles to be developed in your collection plan
  • Preferred Country of Manufacture- if any preference?
  • Your planned Production quantities per style and color (take note of our MOQ conditions)
  • Desired delivery date/ retail or e-tail launch date
  • Brand Bible or Business Pitch Deck

We provide a free 30-minute initial call by phone or Zoom. Please keep in mind that this is not a coaching call where you may get business guidance and recommendations. The goal of this exploration call is for us to determine which of our solutions is best suited to your brand’s requirements.

We accept payments in GBP, Euros, & USD currencies and transact via bank transfer.


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